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Take the keys - report a drunk courthouse!

It is against the law for me to start a commitee reporting this crime RCW47.50.010. I am bound by a bogus protection order that states that I may not interfere with Mr. Swartsel proclaiming that DOT permit is now a trailhead until it is a loop road with 5 Mile Road.

Someone else must form a group of people concerned about this substanial development. Mr. Swartsel is not allowed to even fill out a permit. The Planning Dept. is forbiden by law to waste tax dollars on purpose. I applied as required by law. I was denied because the Coopers signed a statement that said no bridge allowed. The Courts disregard that letter but the Planning Dept. could not. The Coopers gave me two letters with their signature - one was entered into Court in 2005 and the other was June 2nd 2006. On May 18, 2006 the Planning Dept. wrote the Court and myself a letter stating 'permit for bridge denied'. That letter was based on the letter from 2005. June 14, 2005 temporary restraining order cutting the chain and connecting 5 Mile Rd. was a crime. No permits needed but for some reason Commissioner Edwards ruled no permits needed at all. Well here we are he and Reinbold and Swartsel claim that I am insane and will not take my meds.

4th degree assault. No trial, Judge said.

I was court ordered to publish in the Okanogan Valley Gazette Tribune this public notice on Janurary 26, 2006 and on March 23, 2006. I am out of a lot of time and money for you and your children and loved ones. Maybe a school bus driver or someone esle with credibility will start up a signature campaign. Do you really want someone that is not your Dovtor to enter into court that you are insane and will not take your meds? The courts bought it because they had to pay the Omak Hospital for the visit because in my confrontation with the Sheriff they said that I did not know where I lived and was a squatter. The Sheriff still to this day insist that my address is 240 Hwy 20. When I call 911 I am 288 Howard End Rd. The Coopers property does not have a physical address. It too would be Howard End Rd. as well as the Swartsels.

Upon my death Mr. Swartsel would own my home because I am still court ordered to pay him $150.00 a month. FOREVER. When the Sheriff sold my property of 20 acres and a home, Mr. Swartsel signed the papers claiming that he is the owner of my property. The Sheriff sold a stolen Home; mine. I cannot report this crime or try to save anyones life on Hwy 20. Only you can prevent forest fires. Report a drunk courthouse.

Hon. David Edwards
Pg 15, lines 11 and 12
"I'm just -- I'm not here as a Sheriff, or anything else."