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Mr. Reinbold denied a third attempt to sell my home.

AVRS and Mr. Swartsel signed papers to construct a bridge on the Coopers property; the sale was cancelled. AVRS.LLC bailed out and stopped paying their property taxes. After 4 years, I paid the back taxes and have continued to do so. Mr. Reinbold told the Treasurer that I could not change the address to have the bill sent to me. I had Baines Title do a title search and found that my contract is recorded on the 38 acre parcel next to mine.

In the legal description, they bought the E1/2 of the NW of the NW 1/4. My property is the W 1/2 of the NW of the NW 1/4.

Mr. Reinbold wrote to me and said that he is going to get me evicted from my homestead. I have to pay the taxes on parcel no. 3727260002.

AVRS is a tax fraud. How can my property be in two places at once and the person who paid for it be nowhere at all? Where is the Coopers property? No parcel numbers; that's how. In the sale, it states 288 Howard End Rd. - physical address. 38 acre parcel has no structure on it. No address tax fraud.

  • FEMA - Barker Mtn. Fire DNR
  • Class action lawsuit - AVRS lead
  • DNR paid out. Some worthy - some not
On parcel 3727260022 FEMA

Why is that parcel FEMA commercial - 240 Hwy 20E in rural Fire Dist. #4? Did my home get lost again? I do not have access to such records. You will not find my name on anything. I refused to be involved.

The newspapers did a fine job. The Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op got... respect. I was not home. In the 2nd Sheriff sale of my home they claim my house was mislocated and is on AVRS property. My contract for this parcel is recorded on both parcel numbers at once. 3727260002 and 3727260005. Sweet as a slick newborn calf.

By the way. Gumshoe was the name of my archery range. 486.7463. I just called the phone number 1.509.486.7463. I have waited 10 years for that phone number. It is now unallocated. I now have secure 911 services. What? "I was just cleaning it and it went off". It is you group so self insure. Motels nearby, airport next to the taxi stand. This is a bad time for me to change my phone number. Hello Gene at address system at the Planning Dept. again.