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Manufactured Contempt Charge

On the first day of court I knew that I was dealing with two lawsuits at once. I informed the courts and Mr Reinbold that Mr. Reinbold had used the wrong legal description in his filing of his lawuit and that all the litigants were not properly identified. Commissioner Edwards said that it is not necissary to identify all the litigants in a lawsuit. I informed the Court that I don't own the property that the illegal bridge was on. Commissioner Edwards said that we would get to that later. I asked what to do about the permits and the DOT permit is for 40 acres single residence? His response was that we will get to the permits later.

The permits were a non-factor until after the second illegal sale of my home. Now no one can build any bridge. I informed the court that the Planning Dept. knew that the bridge was substandard and needed to be removed because of laws. I informed the courts that the DOT had made a huge mistake and that it's legally impossible to bring in a road. Not safe and the DOT is required by law to widen Hwy. 20. It is a federally funded Interstate Hwy and it will be widened to the width that it is up by Wauconda and Ferry County. To build a bridge just to remove it and it's road access would cost the State to waste time and money. The owners of the bridge site were never served notice to appear in court.