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Property taxes paid on unsaleable land

(sight distance - intentional disregard - reckless endangerment to the public)

It is unlawful to sell land out of lawsuits. The Swartzels sold land promised access and can not deliver a clear, lawfull access like they claimed. AVRS has done the same thing beginning in 1982. They sold from my driveway to 5 Mile Rd. and wrote in my excise tax number as legal access for the "Loop" Rd. The Cooper property can't apply for a permit because of breach of contract and there is a monetary debt for a bridge. The Coopers do not have a receipt for the wood and labor, but I do.

For the past 30 years I have not been able to sell my property, Swartsels and AVRS have been intangled when they talked about access in 1984. They cannot lie about that anymore.

I cannot remove these access claims or defaults. Swartsel could remove their monitary claim but still need to explain their claim that they own my property still. They signed the agreement to sell my property at the Sheriff Sale; it was sold. I do not know how. They must still claim to own it, but I still pay the property taxes on it.