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Permits are Laws

Okanogan County Judges policy with permits show extreme contempt for permits.
"We will get to the permits later."
"Later never gets here."

Legislators not local judges legislate protocol on water quality. J.A.R.P.A., S.E.P.A. shorline and waste runoff. The D.O.T., D. N. R. noxious weeks and building codes are W.A.C.S. and R.C.W.'s. I am happy to report thaty the OK. Co. Planning Dept. is very efficient and diligent in implementing and enforcement of permits.

The Courts do not recognize who owns what property as being an issue. The Planning Dept. needs signatures from the actual property owner. In court you do not have to tell the property owner that they just lost their property.

The P.U.D. now has a dog in this fight. The P.U.D. wants a real plan. I informed them of my plan to move my driveway 1/4 mile East to a safer place. When I do I will let them know. When I do I will change the name of Howard End Rd. to Dylanskyline Rd. and the road off of Hwy 20 to Dylandesire Rd.