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Earnest Money

When I placed earnest money on my 47 acres I had 30 days to get the down payment that was needed to proceed with the purchase of the property. I was allowed to apply to the D.O.T. for a road approach permit. It took one week to remove the trees from Boneparte Creek. 610ft. was required by the state to be approved. Because the highway and the creek setback overlap I was given permission to park on the Highway during this process.

It is unlawful to make promisses that cannot be kept. No Realtor can sell land locked land. The D.O.T. told the Realtor that the Planning Dept. will contact the D.O.T. for a permit for a bridge. We will call the proposed driveway a 'jeeptrail'. Howard End road was brought in for my legal access to my property in 1978. My contract included existing jeeptrail only - no proposed roads.

Permit #4078 is written for 40 acres only for a reason and the reason is:

  1. To force the Realtor to construct a road.
  2. To make sure I had a place to park a car.
  3. Existing jeeptrail only to drive across the creek.

Excise Tax - no. 645511

On May 30th 1978 excise tax was paid on my 47 acre contract. Soon the Planning Dept. came out to inspect the bridge site. They said no concrete in the creek - do not anchor to the creek bed. It is a floodplain. I waited until July to build a bridge out of wood and then drove my 1935 GMC 2 Ton Flatbed truck with a house built on it across the creek. I removed the wood 2 weeks later.

In 1980 excise tax was paid on 27 acres. No. 20571 was now the Collicots contract. I held onto the underlaying contract. Existing jeeptrail only 1/3 cost bridge: they own the land I own the wood. 1/6 + 1/6 = 1/3 Trespass rights, if anyone ever got hurt they were trespassing. I was trespassing therefor who ever got hurt had to be trespassing. No written permission.

All the people that claim access across said non-bridge wrote down my excise tax without my knowledge. They sold 4 square miles of land. Don't make promises that you can't make come true. All of these people have access at 5 Mile Rd. If they call 911 that is how the trucks get to them. So the D.O.T. said can't sell land locked land - bring in Howard End Rd.