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Offer - Lease

  • Lease = 10 year $1.00 a month and $10.00 consideration agreement to be renewed once a year. W.A.C. 458-61-410 and W.A.C. 458-61-150 nominee. W.A.C. 458-61-550.
  • Must be a qualified attourney that knows environmental as well as real estate laws.
  • I can no longer deal with these developers and their problems. They are professional Complainers*.

Case and Point:

This is a classic example of how to turn my driveway into a driveby shooting scene.

Incident S12-07837. The Sheriff wrote down 240 Hwy 20 and 288 Howard End Rd. Note: Title search File No. 56189-09-TW.

(c) No physical address disclosed per county records.

The phone call was made by me at 288 Howard End Rd. The event happened at Mile Marker 264.28 The Coopers property or driveway do not have an address. The person that gets caught said "Sorry Sheriff, wrong address." (Mr. Reinbold) Transcripts. Neener neener. I get 4th degree for something that never happened, now anyone can claim 1) I threw a big rock at them, just missed their head so I had to shoot him. 2) He jumped out of the brush, he had a sharp stick and tried to poke me in the eye - just missed. I had to shoot him.

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