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Known Behavior - Restraining Order 1st day

Known Behavior Protection Order Last day

True - Accurate - Good Faith

By avoiding the facts and focusing on said behavior, the courts make the plaintiff into the neighborhood police with the power of the courts but no police reports are needed. I am not allowed to commit a defense that is interfering with the courts. I am not allowed to rally any support for myself. In this case, someone else must report that they fear danger. Danger not for me but for everyone who drives a car. It is too late to stop all the plaintiffs that bought their property. Non-exclusive can not be undone any more. The first day of court that was the issue but we focused on my behavior.

The plaintiffs and the courts and attorneys still do not care if someone gets hurt or killed. It's not their fault or problem. That is what I am for. True - Accurate - Good Faith is a myth in this county - blame the victim. It is like rape or rolling a bum in an alleyway. It doesn't do any good for the bum to call the police if it takes someone else to call the cops.

If I go at the signatores I go to jail for 1 year. Protection orders do not interfere with the courts decision. I must obey to their crime regardless of however wrong the court is. We have already litigated that. I am the problem because I obeyed the Planning Dept.

I have over 30 years experience in listening to how the courts operate. The courts in my regard use behavior like an open cash register drawer.

I must pay whatever Mr. Reinbold charges. I knew that the first Sheriff sale was cancelled and was charged by Reinbold $2000.00 to postpone the cancelled sale because I would not postpone the cancelled sale. At 12% interest that is just the tip of the iceburg. Mr. Swartsel claims he is out thousands and thousands of dollars. No he's not, he never had to pay Reinbold for anything but retainer. Swartsel still claims he owns my home. I have had to pay him for 8 years now and the default will last forever. Swartsel is out $1500.00? Well that's a pretty good haul for me being hard to deal with. They need me gone to trumnp up some more anger, see we told you Rylander was bad - real bad; he thinks he is a traffic cop.

Someone that cares about all preventable car accidents must gather signatures and use my case as an example of disfunctional protocol.

Rylanders Trailhead - Partyhole

Anyone may now pull into my driveway and swim, fish, drink, smoke, eat or sleep and Judge Culp cannot stop you. Anyone can claim that I got angry and I don't understand what the courts said to me; "Mr. Rylander do not cause problems for anyone."

I was told if I gather support to fight this court decision, I can go to jail for a year. If I get into a fight with a known thug, the thug has the right to do so now because the public can't be held responsible because they didn't know that it would be a problem; the public is "grandfathered in".

I've got 30 years of running people out of here but the Sheriff said it's civil - I don't own the property and the people that do don't have to deal with the problem. They can't be held responsible. The owners don't want to get in fist fights or worse.

I can call the State Patrol but it would take hours for them to get here. State Patrol does not handle fist fights unless we are in the Highway and blocking traffic which would be dangerous to the driving public, so they are not very useful.

This is just like when I had a locked gate! Oh did you want to look at some land that is for sale? Want to go hunting up the hill? Block Rylander in - he doesn't care. Judge Culp: "Well that may be true." Comm. Edwards: "I'm not the Sheriff or anything else."