Information is power... Power to the people!

It has taken me years to arrive at my understanding of my place. It would take years to explain. This is my short form.

"He is Risen" His Earthly parents are still my brother and sister. If I were to get in a head-on collision at 60mph that is what I would focus on. Amen.

I look to and admire many others as well. Peace is what I wand and I try to understand where they find their sources as well.

One example is the medicine man Curly Head Doctor of the Modoc People of southern Oregon and northern California. On Jan. 17, 1872 or 1873 Curly Head Doctor called to his peoples source for war power. The battle is well codumented. After the battle the US troops started to fade into desertion very rapidly.

Ref.: Captain Jack Modoc Renegade by Doris Palmer Payne 1958, Binford and Mort Publishers - Metro Press, Publishers Portland, Oregon. Curly Head Doctor "We can cheat that thing once but not twice" - The Gallows.

For me it was after the 2nd sale of my home and still no redemption. For me 3rd sale attempt. I'm still here. I asked Curly Head Doctor Spirit to place a fog in the minds of those that wanted to sell my home. My mind got fogged as well but I knew my way around the Planning Dept. I visited the stronghold first and then learned about the people.