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Hello, I am exposing corruption within the Courts and Sheriff's office in Okanogan County. This is my story. In the past 35 years I have lost a lot of friends that left this County because of the policies of this County. I can confirm my situation with facts. I have seldom read the papers of others but do believe many of their stories. The authorities bannished me from the system and so I'm asking you to report this information to the poeple you think would start an investigation into the reckless endangerment that these Courts and Sheriff have put upon the people that use Hwy 20 E; my parking spot. If you have questions you can contact me. 509.486.1834.

Preface to the Table of Contents This is 37 years of documents that have been submitted into the Court system. Some documents will appear again and again. I have tried to group connecting documents but I have 37 years to span and so things will seem jumbled. It will probably take another 3 years or so to clear this matter up. I suffer from fatigue. I continue to protect my property against forrest fires and continue with my projects and life. I need to clear this up before I am 65 years old. Over one half of my life has been wasted by these million dollar developers and their friends and partners. I never could get a trial against corporate attourneys over the course of 35 years. Please take your time; lawyers would charge $500 an hour to read this and it will take a lot of time. You will have to adjust the type size or print to suit your taste.

My Mission Statement:

The Sheriff sold my home with all these title defects. I will do my best to expose the Okanogan County Courthouse and the Judge's policies that concern the citizens of this county. Because I have been dragged into court for 30+ years over access to Hwy 20 and a bridge. I have been a walking bulletin board of peoples stories of unjustice and the lack of point of law.

I will try to explain the real estate contracts and protocol - why people have had so many issues with these courts. My goal is to hold the courts accountable for their deliberate abuse to hundreds of people I know.

I've included many documents to verify what I state as true. You don't need to read them all but if you are interested, please take your time. I am presenting from the time I first purchased land - to present day events.

My driveway is now determined to be substandard by the Dept. of Transportation and forever will remain substandard. If anyone ever gets hurt or killed because of the judges ruling; sue the County, not me. You could sue the DOT and it would be easier than trying to sue the County.

I have put these websites together to inform you and your loved ones of the danger that the courts inflict on property owners in this county without regard to public safety or property rights. I cannot find any attourney that will deal with life or death permits. There have been a lot of car wrecks in and around my driveway.

An attourney would charge thousands of dollars just to read this. You are welcome to pay yourself $500 an hour to read this and try to find points of law. Now that I have more time I will be rewriting some of these headings and making improvements to the information. This has been a lot of information to place into order to unravel what the courts have done.

Roger Rylander